Gli auguri di Nikki Reed al marito Ian Somehalder: la lettera d’amore con la foto da piccolo

la-lettera-di-nikki-reed-per-il-compleanno-di-ian-somerhalderNikki Reed fa gli auguri al marito Ian Somerhalder tramite social. Gli scrive una breve lettera con allegata una foto di Ian da piccolo.

 Compleanno Ian Somerhalder – Le bellissime parole di Nikki Reed per il marito Ian Somerhalder nel giorno del suo 38° compleanno. 

The happiest of happy birthdays to my favorite person in the world Ian Somerhalder

To my human, my partner, my guy, my better half

It’s you and I, staring at the clouds, talking about the beauty of everything when there’s nothing in site.

It’s your genuine spirit and your gentle soul.

It’s knowing that you’ll probably never remember to put your laundry away, and I’ll surely always forget to clean the cat box (I know, that’s a tough one and I’m working on it)

It’s our hands intertwined as we navigate this crazy dance called life together.

It’s every inside joke, and any chance I get to make you laugh from a new one.

It’s listening to you tell stories from a million lifetimes ago.

It’s watching you listen to me while I tell you mine.

You inspire me, you challenge me, you amaze me.

Thank you for trusting me to order almost every bottle of wine even though we all know it’s your thing, and for reminding me every time I look at you that being your human is the coolest title in the world.

I can’t wait for every single birthday, because growing old with you just happens to be my favorite perk, plus it means we get to make even more anti-wrinkle face creams in our kitchen that you’ll probably steal while you tweeze my gray hairs on “home-spa days”.

Damn… I just gave away your surprise 🙂
I love you….
Happy birthday…I have a feeling 38 is going to be pretty great…

All my love and endless bottles of Chianti ❤️your wife

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